If you want to offer your products in foreign markets, Paradise Trade cyrus, through its competent team, is there to aid you achieve this critical goal.
Remember that to export and sell goods in a foreign country is an activity that can lead to wasting assets and ruining the reputation of a country regarding specialty goods, if done without having enough information. Therefore, it is necessary to fulfill these activities with enough information and with the help of a professional team, in order to identify target markets and secure the future of your business as well as making profits.

Steps of Exporting Goods
1- Marketing
2- Issuing proforma invoice
3- Logistics and packaging
4- Customs valuation
5- Obtaining necessary permits from related authorities
6- Goods declaration
7- Concluding insurance and transport agreements
8- Obtaining certificate of inspection
9- Issuing invoice and obtaining certificate of origin
10- Handling financial transactions and bank activities
11- Dispatching the goods
Your export products can be classified in one of the following categories:
Fruits and vegetables
Food products
Building materials
Industrial products
Cosmetics and hygienic products
Paper products
Technology transfer