About Us

Paradise Trade Cyrus Company has focused its activities on exportation and importation of goods across the world and transferring different technologies of manufacturing to different points inside and outside Iran.
Relying on its long-year experience in commercial issues and its professional staff, this company is on hand to offer you extensive consultations on different fields of export, import, clearance, sale and marketing, transportation, custom issues and ordering.
Further - more, the technical knowledge of our experts allows us to provide our customers with full information and guidance to transfer technology to other countries, invest in production, establish trade offices, offer an agency, establish various consortiums and etc.
Moreover, it should be noted that this company is also able to create effective relationship between the sellers and customers through Internet and social media that leads to a new communication platform between merchants, manufacturing companies and customers.

Description Our services

  • Export of goods
  • imports
  • Clearance
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Customs today
  • Order
  • Advice on technology transfer to other countries
  • Advice on investment in production
  • Advice on setting up commercial offices
  • Advice on granting representation
  • Advice on setting up various consortia
  • Providing web and cybersecurity platforms for greater communication between merchants, manufacturing companies and customers